They'll Rise Again

Titel: They’ Rise Again
Text: Rouven, Musik: Jens

The Time Is Right
For What For?
To Rise Again…!

Out OF Their Caves And Holes They Come
Slaying The Free
They’re Possessed In Brain
With The Cross Of Death
They’ll Rise You’ll See

Don’t You Think The Time Has Come Now
To Show Them How We Hate Them

We Don’t Need A New War In Our Land
No New Dictator
Now That Our Land Is One And Free Again
Peace For Our Core

Political Mess The Overkill Could Come
To Crush Mankind And Humanity

Keep Holding Up The Democracy
Stop These Radical Groups
We Had Felt The Pain Of War
We Don’t Want To Spend Our Life In Tubes


(Solo: Jens)
In Our Present Days Reps Try
To Take Control
Brutal And Mean, Cruel And Fearless
Thoughts Of Destruction

Stilletto Power
Unreasonable Force To Kill
Do Something, It’s Our Freedoms Will

In The Past Dread Things Happened
Wipe Them Out For Our Present
Squadrons Of Death
Are No More
Don’t Walk Their Path
Of Blood And Gore

Blood And Gore…

(Solo: Jens)
(Solo: Fabian)

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