Never Again

Titel: Never Again
Text & Musik: Jens

Are you awake can’t you see
In these days are some fascistic tendencies
They have become mighty
Many young people are influenced
Look at Rostock, everywhere
Many fascists attack without care
There many fights in many nights
We all can never be sure
They want to beat all of us

Stupid humans – foolish thoughts
A dangerous combination
Many people have made many faults
A danger for all the nations

Remember the past
There were many fascistic dictators
Like Hitler or Hussein
These men have told many lies
They didn’t mind their people dying
Main point their dreams become reality
They didn’t care about the effects
Of their brutality

Now look at today
The reality is brutality
Nobody’s faults – nobody’s dreams
Let the foreigners scream
They cry for help – they cry for you
Don’t go away – try to help
That’s what we should do


I don’t want to live
In a fascistic state
Remember the past
Never again
Fascistic state
Let them dream
Open your eyes
And see

Hear their cries for help and democracy
Help them – don’t let them die

This is the reality – not only a dream
Now wake up before it’s too late
When we stay together
Their mad dream will never become reality

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