Into The Depths Of Pain

Titel: Into The Depths Of Pain
Text: Rouven, Musik: Oliver Hill

Every Evening At Home
When I Just Want To Relax
I Turn On My TV
And Wait For The Daily News

They’ll Be Showing Up Soon
On My Blood Flowing Screen!
I Can’t Believe My Eyes
For What I Now See

Into The Depths Of Pain
Confronting Me So Hard (Reality)
Into The Depths Of Pain
It’s The Agony In My Bleeding Heart
Now Follow Me
Into Our Bloody Pretty World

To Kids They’re Selling Guns
Built By Our Intelligence
A New War In Every Street
Cross It, Prove Your Guilt

Dealing Drugs To The Fallen Ones
Designed For Every Child
Awake The New Greed
Till All Our Children Bleed!
… And Watch

Chorus (3x)

The Sadist In Our Psycho Brain
Schizophrenia Shows Up Again
Let The Hungry Starve
Leave The Homeless On The Street
Leave The Hopeless To Themselves
And Feel Your Holy Greed

Till There’s No One Left To Bleed!
… As I Watch
Into The Depths Of Pain

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