Human Scorn

Titel: Human Scorn
Text: Rouven, Musik: Jens

Awakened By Sunlight
The Fear Of The Darkness Disappears
Scorn Terrifies The Might
As Man’s Traces Reappear

Walking In Crowded Streets
Waiting Till Your Working Hours Finished
Raped By Human Seeds
From A Wrong Society You’ll Be Banished

Hate Fills Their Minds
Destroyed By Your Own Kind

Producing Wars For Your Perverse Lust
Reducing Human Feelings
Turning The Earth Into Dust
Crying Out For More Money And Power
Don’t Think About
Live Your Life Encaged In A Steel Tower
Human Scorn

Awakened By Children Cries
The Fear Of Truth Is In Your Mind Again
It Doesn’t Matte Who’s To Die
As Long As I Don’t Feel A Pain

Indifferent What’s Going On
I Don’t Care, Am I Wrong


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