Dark Suns

Titel: Dark Suns
Text: Rouven, Musik: Jens & Oliver Hill

I Stood There
As Emptiness Spread Out
In My Head
Thoughts Explode
As My World Was Torn Apart

I Stood There
As Darkness Spread Out
On A Bright Day
Fear Raises
As My Sun Was Torn Apart

I Saw The Nightmares In Its Bowls
The Rhetoric Of The Everlasting Fear
I Saw The Mankind On The Razors Edge
The Glamour Of The Civilisation
I Saw How The Earth Was Choking
The Spitting Hate Which We Gave Her For Ourselves

And I Saw The So Called Fortunes
Which Broke Like Bridle Things
And I Saw The End…
An End Without A New Beginning

By Every Dawn Dies An Old Day
A New Night Is Born
Born To Be Killed
By A New Sunrise

And We Saw The Humans Break
On Thoughts About The Unending Universe
And We Saw The Humans Break
On Memories Which Cook
Within Them And Never Evaporate
And We Saw The Boy Break
On Fantasies About The Ridge Of Insanity

And I Knew
That Not Much Of All The People I Know
Will Ever Understand Me
Cause Only For A Few Chosen People
The Dark Suns Are Shining Bright…

… Dark Suns Are Shining Bright…
… Shining Bright…


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